Artur Walkowiak Solicitor’s Office deals with the performance of legal aid in the fields of economic law, civil law, labour and civil security law, and administration law.

The services are performed to the benefit of natural persons, legal persons, as well as organisation units without legal personality.

Lawyers in the Office specialise in complete service for entrepreneurs operating within the territory of the Republic of Poland. Legal aid covers the fields of law applied in all aspects of a company’s operation.

Legal service is realised in the following forms:

  • organisation and registration of economic operation, 
  • advice and legal consultation,
  • preparation of drafts of legal acts, 
  • preparation of legal opinions,  
  • representation before common courts and specialised courts,   
  • execution of dues,
  • filing suits, preparation of pleadings, preparation of appellations from decisions of respective instances of proceeding,
  • preparation of entries to the National Court Register,
  • preparation of entries to Land Registers,
  • representation of clients before State administration institutions, other public institutions, companies and natural persons,
  • mediation and negotiations towards amicable solutions of disputes,
  • preparation of inner audits for entrepreneurs verifying the correctness of application of the provisions of labour law and specific provisions applicable in a given field of economic operation.

Legal advice performed by way of the Internet:  

  • each person or institution willing to obtain legal maintenance by way of the Internet is bound to comply with the requirements foreseen in the application form, to be found in the part – ask a question

The Office is opened from Monday to Friday in the hours from 9.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.

Artur Walkowiak

Address: Office ul.Kasprzaka 13/2, 60-236 PoznaƄ, Poland.
Phone: 61 835 37 38 
Mobile: 501 603 140